Per a funding recommendation put forward by the WHC’s Community Advisory Council, the WHC Board of Directors recently approved $1,318,109.29 in grants under the 2022 Community Benefit Initiative. Community Benefit Initiatives are evidence-based, community-level interventions focused on improving population health and healthcare quality. Through this program, the WHC awards community grants for selected projects that meet pertinent Health Related Services requirements established by the Oregon Health Authority. 

Projects funded through the 2022 Community Benefit Initiative support the Marion-Polk Community Health Improvement Plan priority areas—behavioral health supports, substance use and housing—and align with the WHC’s mission. Local grant recipients include:

  • Church at the Park
  • C Suite Consulting Services
  • Family Building Blocks
  • Holiday Swim Club
  • Interface Network Inc.
  • Options Counseling and Family Services
  • Oregon Family Support Network
  • Santiam Hospital
  • Sheltering Silverton
  • Women at the Well Grace House