Willamette Health Council to Fund $2.2 million in Healthcare Quality Improvement Projects

Salem, OR – The Willamette Health Council (WHC) is excited to announce the opening of the Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) Shared Savings application process for 2024. This one-time opportunity focuses on funding clinical interventions and innovations that drive quality health outcomes across Marion-Polk communities.

PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion-Polk Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) caps its annual profit margin at 2%. Any profit in excess of that amount is treated as Shared Savings and is given to the WHC, as the Marion-Polk CCO’s community governance body, for community reinvestment. In late 2023, WHC received a total of $12.7 million in Shared Savings based on the CCO’s 2022 financial performance. Of this amount, $2.2 million is being distributed through the CAP Shared Savings initiative.

Specifically, the CAP, which includes representatives from most of the region’s major health systems and provider groups, seeks to support projects that improve healthcare quality, are equity driven, can measure progress towards positive health outcomes, and are grounded in evidence-based practices. “We are looking for visionary ideas, expansive dreams, and creative projects that have the potential to significantly improve the quality of healthcare in our region,” comments Jamal Furqan, WHC’s Health Transformation Manager who runs the CAP.

CAP co-chair, Dr. Naomi Biggs, Polk County Public Health Administrator, emphasized the importance of this initiative stating, “We are eager to see the innovative approaches that our community can bring forward. This funding is an opportunity to turn ambitious ideas into actionable and measurable projects that can transform healthcare delivery and outcomes in Marion-Polk.”

To apply, organizations should visit www.jotform.com/form/240985189172164. Funding is available for a limited time only. For more information on other WHC funding opportunities that might be more suitable for your project, please visit willamettehealthcouncil.org/funding-opportunities/.


About the Willamette Health Council: Founded in 2019, the Willamette Health Council (WHC) is the community governance body for PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion County and Polk County Coordinated Care Organization (Marion-Polk CCO). Under this partnership model, the WHC collaborates with PacificSource to jointly manage the CCO and is responsible for much of the community-facing work. The WHC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Learn more about our work at www.willamettehealthcouncil.org.