System of Care

Purpose: The Marion-Polk System of Care (SOC) includes a diverse group of local organizations committed to addressing barriers to health and wellness for system-involved youth and families.

Core Responsibilities:

    • Establish a table of diverse systems partners to create a holistic lens to review and address community-identified barriers impacting local youth and families.
    • Elevate youth and family voice and support changes within the community that youth and families have identified and need most. 
    • Maintain awareness of and strategically support implementation of new state initiatives impacting youth and families at the local level.
    • Monitor youth and family well-being to inform preventative community efforts.

2023 Priorities: 

    • Host the Youth & Family Services Summit.
    • Develop a new strategic plan.
    • Grow and sustain a diverse SOC membership including development of a new youth and family engagement model.

Youth & Family Services Summit:

Hosted on February 1, the Summit brought together nearly 200 local partners across the Marion-Polk region actively engaged in youth and family-centered agencies, coalitions, committees, programs, and other initiatives to:

    • Highlight youth and family-centered work;
    • Identify opportunities for greater community alignment;
    • Break down silos and reduce duplicative efforts; and
    • Network with other local professionals, organizations, and community leaders.

Download a report of the Summit highlighting key takeaways and next steps here and watch a recap video here.

Partners can download the Summit attendee contact list here.

New Strategic Plan Goals:

  • Strengthen SOC clarity of purpose, functioning, and member engagement.
  • Increase SOC capacity to engage youth, families, and community partners to ensure the SOC is adding value to the community.
  • Improve cross-sector service coordination, capacity, and alignment among youth and family-serving programs, organizations, and initiatives.
  • Ensure that the SOC workforce needs are represented in workforce development efforts locally.

Meetings: SOC meetings are closed to the public.


Heather Pascoe (she/her), Program Manager

Executive Council Members:

    • Chair: Lisa Harnisch, Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub
    • Alberto Maldonado, Youth Era
    • Amanda Stephens, Polk County Health Services
    • Cassie Stafford, Willamette Education Service District
    • Cheryl Cisneros, Creating Opportunities
    • Chiharu Blatt, Trillium Family Services
    • Chris Moore, Salem-Keizer Public Schools
    • Corissa Neufeldt, Marion County Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
    • Cydney Nestor, Oregon Department of Human Services
    • DeAnn Carr, Yamhill Coordinated Care Organization
    • Dannielle Brown, PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion-Polk CCO
    • Ivan Moreno, Young Adult Community Member
    • Jayne Downing, Center for Hope & Safety
    • Jennifer Kubista, Central School District
    • Jodi Merritt, Polk County Community Corrections
    • Justin Hopkins, Willamette Health Council
    • Levi Herrera-Lopez, Mano a Mano
    • Liz Schwarz, Oregon Youth Authority
    • Phil Blea, Marion County Behavioral Health
    • Sandy Bumpus, Oregon Family Support Network
    • Sheryl Fisher, Yamhill Coordinated Care Organization
    • Troy Gregg, Marion County Juvenile Department

    Advisory & Practice Level Workgroup Members:

      • Chair: Karin Perkins, Marion County Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
      • Alberto Maldonado, Youth Era
      • Cassie Stafford, Willamette Education Service District
      • Chris Moore, Salem Keizer School District
      • Christina McCollum, PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion-Polk CCO
      • Clarissa McGee, Oregon Family Support Network 
      • Dawn Meyers, Department of Human Services Self-Sufficiency
      • Ivan Moreno, Young Adult Community Member
      • Jennie Kendeigh, Polk County Behavioral Health
      • Jim Posey, Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare
      • Kat Fox, PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion-Polk CCO
      • Levi Herrera-Lopez, Mano a Mano
      • Paige Gorman, Trillium Family Services
      • Patie Taylor, Marion County Wraparound
      • Percy Torres, Marion County Youth & Family Services
      • Rachel McCormick, Rise Services, Inc.
      • Rebecca Carter, Oregon Family Support Network
      • Rich Robison, Polk County Juvenile Department
      • Tammy Brister, Marion County Health and Human Services