Finance Committee

Purpose: Provide financial oversight of the Marion-Polk CCO and the Willamette Health Council to ensure transparency, advance value-based payment, and help reduce the overall cost of care. 

Core Responsibilities:

    • Conduct regular review and monitoring of Marion-Polk CCO and Willamette Health Council financials including review of annual operating budgets.
    • Identify and address cost of care drivers. 
    • Advise on value-based payment methodologies and provider contracting principles. 
    • Recommend a methodology for distributing annual Marion-Polk CCO Quality Pool funds to community providers as directed by the Willamette Health Council Board of Directors. 

2023 Priorities:

    • Identify new value-based payment provider contracting principles and partner with PacificSource to adopt these principles.
    • Strengthen financial transparency.
    • Recommend an annual Quality Pool distribution framework.

Meetings: Finance Committee meetings are closed to the public.


    Justin Hopkins (he/him), Executive Director

    Current Finance Committee Members:

      • Janice Hazel, Co-Chair, WFMC Health
      • Maggie Hudson, Co-Chair, Santiam Hospital
      • Kelli McKnight, Options Counseling & Family Services
      • Josh Graves, Catholic Community Services
      • Dr. Vince Koletar, Salem Pediatric Clinic
      • Paul Logan, Northwest Human Services
      • Tami Stump, Polk County Health Services
      • Erin Fair Taylor, PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion-Polk CCO
      • Commissioner Colm Willis, Marion County

    Finance Committee members are selected by the Willamette Health Council Board of Directors. Members are appointed for a two-year term.