Community Advisory Council

Purpose: The Community Advisory Council (CAC) advises the Marion-Polk CCO on how to be responsive to Oregon Health Plan member and community health needs.

Core Responsibilities: 

    • Foster meaningful engagement of Oregon Health Plan members to continuously improve the Marion-Polk CCO member experience. 
    • Help develop the Marion-Polk Community Health Assessment and implement the Marion-Polk Community Health Improvement Plan. 
    • Make recommendations to the Willamette Health Council Board of Directors on investments related to the social determinants of health and equity.  

2024 Priorities: 

    • Stenghen CAC member recruitment, onboarding, and engagment.
    • Ensure meaningful CAC oversight of the 2024 Marion-Polk Community Health Assessment.
    • Elevate Oregon Health Plan consumer voice throughout the Willamette Health Council-Marion-Polk CCO governance structure and programs. 

Download the CAC’s 2023 Community Engagement Report here.

The CAC acts as the voice for Oregon Health Plan members in the Marion-Polk region. Through an application process, members are selected on a rolling basis by the Willamette Health Council’s CAC Selection Committee. 

The Willamette Health Council provides stipends for Oregon Health Plan members who are CAC members. The rate is $50 per hour per meeting.  Mileage for travel to and from meetings is reimbursed at $0.67 per mile.

Interested in applying to serve on the CAC? Please email Melissa Lindley for more information.

Current CAC Members:


  • Breanna McLeod, Co-Chair
  • Bret Hammang, Co-Chair
  • Alexis Avery
  • Tammy Brister
  • Enrique Garcia
  • Anne Giffin
  • Christina Korkow
  • Kimberly Lane
  • Maria Lemus
  • Jackie Leung
  • Victoria Meredith
  • Clay Peterson
  • Jessy Powell
  • Lucy Wallace
  • Kiara Yoder


Melissa Lindley (she/her)

Community Advisory Council Manager

CAC Meetings

CAC meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month from 1:00-3:00pm and are open to the public. Information about upcoming CAC meetings can be found here.

    Notice of Regular Meeting – Community Advisory Council

    The Community Advisory Council is scheduled to meet on Thursday, July 18, 1:00 – 3:00pm. The meeting is open to the public.