Clinical Advisory Panel Application

 The Willamette Health Council (WHC) provides governance, oversight, and strategic direction for the PacificSource Marion-Polk Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). The Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) is a chartered committee of the WHC. The purpose of the CAP is to advise the WHC on best clinical practices. The CAP will provide recommendations to the WHC Board of Directors on projects and health care transformation as it relates to clinical perspective. The CAP acts as a forum for provider perspectives, collaboration, and information exchange. If you would like to be a member of the CAP, please complete this online application and submit via the WHC webpage. If you have questions, please contact Andrea Dabler at 503-585-4935. 

Clinical Advisory Panel Application

Please mark the areas that you feel you would best represent: ( check all that apply)

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Members of the CAP will attend one (1) meeting per month that lasts two to three (2-3) hours. Please mark the times of day that you are generally available to meet on weekdays (M-F)

Please mark any accommodations that you would need to fully engage in Community Advisory Council meetings:

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