“It’s exactly the work I want to be doing, with the people I want to be doing it with.”

Education: B.A. in Biology from Lewis & Clark College with a minor in Theatre with a focus in Dance

MPH from the Oregon Health & Science University-Portland State University School of Public Health in Health Systems Management & Policy

Eclectic Experiences: Trisha studied abroad in New Zealand for a year doing research with spiders. She’s worked in laboratory settings contributing to research on neurodegenerative disease, where she discovered that her passions lied more with the people of healthcare rather than the research side. After her undergraduate degree, she became a medical scribe and initially sought to pursue a career as a genetic counselor. Wanting her impact to be wide and meaningful, Trisha received her Master’s in Public Health and has joined the team here at WHC.

Her role and goals: In her new role, Trisha will help grow our community health portfolio, including dedicating her efforts towards supporting our region’s shared Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan body of work. When asked what her biggest goal was in this new position, Trisha’s response was “to build and maintain positive rapport with our community members.”

Her biggest inspiration: Atul Gawande. She highly recommends his book Being Mortal.

Outside of Public Health: Trisha identifies herself as a “serial hobbyist” for everything ranging from theatre and dance to birding with the LGBTQIA+ and women-centered group Birdhers.