“I was at a point in my life where I wanted to further my education and continue advancing in my public health career while still doing meaningful work and serving my community. At WHC I was able to find all of that.”  

Prior Experience: Laura graduated from Western Oregon University (WOU) with her Bachelor’s degree in Community Health. She did her internship with WOU+Polk County Public health during COVID. She then went onto work at Benton County and shortly after Polk County. WHC is the first non-profit Laura has worked for and she is excited about the learning opportunity.  

Role & Goals: Laura is the new Community Engagement Coordinator. In this role, based on her experience and expertise, she supports various programs at WHC. Her goal is to further learn about these programs and help the community better connect to them.  

Fun Fact: Laura was born near Disneyland and during her younger years lived in a house that was just minutes aways from the park. 

Outside of Work: Outside of work, Laura likes to travel and spend time with family. She loves to continue learning and is always open to new experiences.