“I wanted to work somewhere that made a real difference. I knew WHC was that place.”

Prior Experience: Ally received her BA in English from the University of Wyoming. During that time, she worked at a treatment center for teens and discovered her love of working with at-risk youth. After her time in the treatment center, Ally spent some years working in both elementary and middle schools in positions from school secretary, Language Arts teacher and English Language Development teacher.

Role & Goals: Ally is the new Executive Assistant. It is her job to support the staff at WHC so they can do what they do best! Her biggest goal is to make everything just a little easier in the office, so there’s always one less thing to worry about.

Fun Fact: Ally has played the piano since she was 5 and added a few more instruments to her repertoire over the years.

Outside of Work: Ally enjoys getting together with friends to play tabletop games whenever possible. Her favorite is Dungeons & Dragons, and she will gladly talk about it to anyone willing to listen.