Community Health Improvement Plan

From late 2020 to spring 2021, healthcare leaders from Marion County and Polk County came together to create the 2021-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP identifies aims and strategies to improve the CHA priority areas, which currently include:


    • Behavioral health supports
    • Housing
    • Substance use

CHIP Development Process

To develop the CHIP, the group formed three workgroups—one for each CHA priority area. Each workgroup included community members, leaders, and experts. Together, they looked at information from the CHA and carefully chose aims and strategies. Then they wrote and shared the CHIP with other local key community organizations and groups for additional input before it was finished.

CHIP Overall Strategies

  • Partner with organizations who serve Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, Russian/Slavic, Asian and Pacific Islander communities to improve health.
  • For community members that have been unfairly treated, work to better understand their health.
  • Put language and culture first. 


Trisha Kumar (she/her)

Community Health Manager

Staying Updated

The Marion-Polk Community Health Collaborative will be creating a new CHIP in 2025, following the completion of the new CHA in 2024. See the 2021-2025 CHIP and annual Progress Reports below.


Marion-Polk CHIP Progress Reports

The WHC, in partnership with the Marion-Polk CCO, completes annual reports on our community’s progress in implementing the CHIP. You can access these annual reports below. 


Marion-Polk CHIP Summary

The documents below provide a summary of the 2021-2025 CHIP in various languages.  

Marion-Polk CHIP

The documents below provide a summary of the 2021-2025 CHIP in various languages.