Community Health Assessment

In 2019, health care leaders from Marion County and Polk County worked together with local people and organizations to examine the health of our community through a new Community Health Assessment or “CHA”. This included two steps:

    1. Gathering and analyzing quantitative state and local-level data. 
    2. Asking community members about their health, their access to the everyday things that impact overall health (often called the Social Determinants of Health and Equity, or SDOH-E) and what they need to live better lives. 

After looking at this data and hearing directly from community members, the group chose three areas to focus improvement efforts on from 2021-2025:

    • Behavioral health supports  
    • Housing 
    • Substance use 

Marion-Polk CHA Updates

The CHA is updated with new data annually. You can access these annual updates below.

Marion-Polk CHA

You can access the complete 2019 CHA below.