We are doing a new Community Health Assessment (CHA) for the Marion-Polk region!

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a study of the health needs of our community that happens every 5 years. It includes looking at numbers, talking to people, and doing a survey to understand what the people of Marion-Polk want and need to be healthy. We use an evidence-based framework to carry out the CHA called MAPP 2.0 (Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships). Learn about MAPP 2.0 here.

The 2024 Marion-Polk CHA includes:

Community Context Assessment (CCA):

The CCA needs your voice! The CCA starts in July 2024. If you live, work, and/or play in the Marion-Polk region, share your thoughts and experiences to help us learn more about the health and wellbeing of our community!

Take the 2024 Marion-Polk Community Health Survey (open now through August 18th) and share this opportunity with your networks!

Join us for a Community Input Session near you and share this opportunity with your networks (see details below)! Eat some great food, receive a gift card for your time, and tell us what matters most to you when it comes to health and wellbeing! Registration for virtual sessions is required and encouraged for in person events. REGISTER HERE

Location DateTime
Aumsville – Cascade Family Resource CenterJuly 11, 20245:30-7:00pm
Monmouth – Polk Community Resource CenterJuly 17, 20245:30-7:00pm
Salem – Broadway CommonsJuly 18, 20245:30-7:00pm
Mill City – Canyon Service CenterJuly 25, 20245:30-7:00pm
VirtualJuly 30, 20246:00-7:00pm
VirtualJuly 30, 202412pm-1pm
Woodburn – Woodburn Public LibraryAugust 6, 20245:30-7:00pm
Community Status Assessment (CSA):

Collected the numbers. We gathered information about community demographics, health status, and health inequities. The CSA was done from January-March 2024. For an overview of the CSA findings, see our summary and one-pager.

Community Partner Assessment (CPA):

Focused on good collaboration. We gathered local partners to understand their collective capacity to address health inequities. The CPA started in April 2024 with more than 50 community organizations participating and will conclude in June 2024.

Your voice can influence what our community focuses on in the future!

Based on what we learn through the CHA, we identify priority areas for community health improvement that are addressed through a comprehensive 5-year plan called the Marion-Polk Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

Our Partners

The Marion-Polk Community Health Collaborative is a local community group responsible for the CHA and the CHIP. In addition to the Willamette Health Council, this Collaborative includes Marion County, Polk County, PacificSource Community Solutions, Salem Health Hospitals & Clinics, Legacy Health, Santiam Hospital & Clinics, and many other local organizations.

2019 Community Health Assessment

The current Marion-Polk CHA, which was completed in 2019, highlighted three areas for our region to focus improvement efforts on:

  • Behavioral Health Supports
  • Substance Use
  • Housing

See the full 2019 CHA, and our annual updates, here.


Trisha Kumar (she/her)

Community Health Manager

Marion-Polk CHA Updates

The CHA is updated with new data annually. You can access these annual updates below.

Marion-Polk CHA

You can access the complete 2019 CHA below.