Board of Directors

The Willamette Health Council Board of Directors is charged with governing the Marion-Polk CCO and overseeing the work of the health council. Board composition includes designated agency representatives from Marion County, Polk County, the Community Advisory Council and PacificSource Community Solutions. There is also strong representation from the local health care community including hospital systems, primary care, dental care, specialty care, and behavioral health. 

The Board of Directors meets monthly. All meetings are open to the public. The meeting schedule can be found here.

Executive Committee

Chair: Matt Boles, MD, Salem Health

Vice Chair: Noelle Carroll, Psy.D., Polk County Health Services

Treasurer: Maggie Hudson, MBA, Santiam Hospital 

Designated Agency Representatives

Marion County: Commissioner Danielle Bethell

Polk County: Noelle Carroll, Psy.D., Polk County Health Services 

Community Advisory Council Co-Chairs: Melissa Lindley, Willamette Vital Health & Breanna McLeod, Peer/Advocate

PacificSource Community Solutions: Peter Davidson 


Olivia Galvez, MD, WFMC Health

Josh Graves, Catholic Community Services

Mark Helm, MD, Small Town Pediatrics

Justin Huff, Legacy Health

Paul Logan, Northwest Human Services

Linda Mann, Capitol Dental Care

Manny Rivera, WVP Health Authority

Nap Steele, MD, retired physician  

Notice of Regular Meeting – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 from 2:00-4:00pm. The meeting is open to the public.