About the Willamette Health Council

Founded in 2019, the Willamette Health Council is the community governance body for PacificSource Community Solutions, Marion County and Polk County Coordinated Care Organization (Marion-Polk CCO). Under this partnership model, the Willamette Health Council collaborates with PacificSource to jointly manage the CCO with the goals of: 

    • Advancing health system transformation 
    • Improving the quality and availability of health care 
    • Investing in the social determinants of health
    • Working to eliminate health disparities and advance health equity 
    • Reducing the cost of health care 

The Willamette Health Council provides strategic direction and oversight for the Marion-Polk CCO and is responsible for much of its community-facing work. This includes directing the investment of CCO funds within the local community. The health council is a key regional partner in the development and implementation of the Marion-Polk Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan, which guide a majority of its community investments. 

The Willamette Health Council Board of Directors serves as the Marion-Polk CCO’s Governing Board. There are currently four committees under the Board including:

In addition, the health council convenes the region’s System of Care, which brings together a diverse group of local organizations committed to addressing barriers to health and wellness for system-involved youth and families. 

The Willamette Health Council is an Oregon-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report


We improve the health of the Marion-Polk community by governing our CCO, investing in our communities, and fostering collaborative relationships.


We envision optimal health and well-being for our community members.


We work in service to Oregon Health Plan members and the communities of Marion County and Polk County. We are: Transparent, Collaborative, Equitable, Accountable, Adaptable and Strategic. 

Board of Directors

The Willamette Health Council Board of Directors is charged with governing the Marion-Polk CCO and overseeing the work of the health council. Board composition includes designated agency representatives from Marion County, Polk County, the Community Advisory Council and PacificSource Community Solutions. There is also broad representation from the local health care community including hospital systems, primary care, dental care, specialty care and behavioral health. 

Meet Our Staff

Meet the Willamette Health Council team.